Do you find yourself continuously looking for the perfect handbag?

behold bohlux!

BOHLUX (a sophisticated leather workshop) was created to provide luxuriously designed handbags for today’s lifestyle. Now women can treat themselves to exquisite, unique, “high end” quality MADE IN THE USA designer handbags without a two year wait!

BOHLUX is the most desirable place to actually work together with Master Leather Artisan Louise Comora to create the handbag of your dreams. Clients have described BOHLUX as a candy store for ladies, less the calories!

Imagine walking into a lovely boutique/atelier with a dramatic wall filled with an amazing assortment of leathers (cow, french calf, alligator, ostrich to name a few), exotic skins of all colors and textures- and an extensive cache of hardware to choose from. With sample selections and your own imagination, you can actually create a work of functional art of heirloom distinction that will last you your lifetime and beyond.

Most “brand” enthusiasts are drawn to exclusivity, prestige, and trend-setting style. A glamorous designer handbag not only suits the body perfectly but accents a woman’s individual tastes as well. At BOHLUX you receive all of this and more. Your investment will be in durable handcrafted excellence. Yet, let’s be honest…there is much more to appeal than practicality. In addition to ensuring that your BOHLUX handbag is sturdy and well made, you will also be guaranteed a chic accessory that will turn heads wherever you go!

Louise Comora has honed her passion as a Master Leather Artisan and is now designing and producing one of a kind handbags that look, feel and behave as those made in France, Italy and London- yet she is making them right here in Sonoma County, California. Louise incorporates classic, elegant styles- using techniques and tools which date back centuries: saddle stitching, rolled handles, finished-detail edging to name a few. Louise was trained by a former retired Hermes’ leather artisan.

BOHLUX Handbags and leather accessories are created and fashioned by Louise and will never go out of style. Just one more reason that you will love having finally found your “perfect” bag or accessory! Handcrafted, “One beautiful piece at a time”!


Gail Fivis knew from a very early age that she was blessed with a passion to create and the skills to bring to life her creations.  Never content to copy items that others had already designed, she allowed her imagination to drive unique and distinctive creations that were customized to her particular style and specific needs.    Today discerning shoppers who value the luxury of leather purses and wallets, hand-made to their specifications have the rare opportunity to own a “one-of-a-kind” creation from this talented artisan.  No mass production, no repetition, no duplication….you will own a piece of art that will endure for a lifetime!

Some of Gail’s fondest memories of growing up in Hawaii are of the joy she experienced designing and sewing articles of clothing that were customized to her personal needs.  Never trained to be a seamstress, as early as the fifth grade she found that she had the talent and innate skills necessary to create dresses and other accessories that defined her unique style and differentiated her from the mass produced apparel worn by her peers.   This drive to create continued well into her teenage years.  Those times when money was scarce, she would shop for over-sized items in thrift stores, de-construct them, create her own patterns, and produce clothing that was designer quality at a fraction of the cost.  To this day, Gail continues to use her imagination and talent to imagine designs without constraints.

Following college where she majored in Fashion Design and Merchandising, Gail moved into the luxury segment of the hospitality industry working in hotels and resorts and Human Resources in Hawaii, San Francisco, Beverly Hills and similar destinations.  This is where Gail really learned what it means to deal in luxury while working with clients who could afford and appreciate the value of distinct and rare products and experiences.  It was during these years that she re-kindled an interest in working with leather and as a result of having difficulty finding shoes that fit, decided to design and make her own shoes.  While she enjoyed working with leather, making shoes didn’t give her the creative options she had enjoyed when she designed clothing.  She turned her attention to making purses and wallets and for the next two and a half years took private lessons from a Master Artisan to learn the nuances of working with leather.   It opened up a whole new world for her as she became schooled in the differences between leathers, their characteristics and versatility.

Today, you have the opportunity to own a piece of art, hand-made with the love and passion that Gail has for her craft.  BOHLUX is the culmination of years of preparation for this moment in time.  Gail and her partner Lu are true artisans, creating handcrafted items, one beautiful piece at a time.  In their boutique/atelier people may drop in to watch art being created, or discuss an idea or design they would like to see brought to reality by these talented and dedicated artists.  An investment in a BOHLUX product is an investment that will be envied and admired for years to come.